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Who is Me Thyme Remedies?

Me Thyme Remedies is a business we created to give YOU & your family a way to maintain & or heal your body and psyche NATURALLY! Our products are handcrafted and created with the most natural ingredients available! Our products are for external use and help to create that much needed Me Time everyone needs! Taking time for yourself not only helps your own body and psyche, but also relationships with those you love the most.

How do our products work?

Absorption & Aromatherapy

Helping your body heal from the outside -> in...

Your skin is a huge sponge & soaks in (absorbs) everything you put on it! Afterwards, it releases the properties & benefits of the ingredients and disperses them throughout your entire body; assisting your overall health and moisturizing your delicate skin.

The aroma released by herbs and essential oils help by sending special messages to your brain!

What makes herbs special?

Natures pharmacy is extensive, filled with herbs that possess powerful properties. 

Everyone knows about essential oils and their great healing powers... HERBS ARE THE ORIGIN OF ESSENTIAL OILS!

 M.T.R. thrive on using herbs through absorption. When herbs are diffused into water or oil, they release their very powerful properties that make them healing. Our use of herbs is very similar to that of making a cup of hot tea. But instead of drinking it, you soak in it and let your skin and body do the work!

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