About Us


Kelli Lambert & Tiffany Morrison


Hello everyone, Tiffany speaking! 

I am a born and raised Quincy IL native. My four fur babies, supportive family as well as my loving boyfriend fill me with so much joy. I am immensely blessed! My dream has always been to follow my passion, which is helping people in any way I can. To spread love and provide comfort. Our products are based around the concept that taking care of yourself shouldn't be a chore, or something you feel guilty about. It is completely natural, & something all of us need to do more of! Thus my older sister Kelli and I put together our like-mindedness and decided to create stunningly elegant products that help heal the body, promote relaxation and nourish the mind!

Take it away Sis! . . .

   Thanks, Tif! 

My name is Kelli, and I am also a Quincy, IL native. I am a wife, stepmother to 6 amazing young adults &  a mommy to 2 HOME-BIRTH children (18 mo & 5 yo). Through the journey of choosing a natural home-birth, I found the amazing benefits and healing properties in herbs. My midwives guided me into a whole new world, and with their guidance I was able to experience two wonderful pregnancies and home-births. The herbs that had been introduced to me during those wonderful times, made me want to help women learn of the different options available to help with soreness and promote quicker healing; not only for situations of women or mother's but for their families and loved ones!

Unique Blends for Specific Purposes


 Herbal remedies have been in use for thousands of years. Almost every culture has used plants to develop their own remedy unique from their ecosystem. Modern medicines and treatments are not available to many areas around the world. The use of plant-based remedies continues to play a crucial role in public health and relaxation. 

Each of our remedies are handcrafted with specially combined herbs, salts, and essential oils to help soothe and promote faster healing of specific ailments that occur primarily with women. Our remedies help the discomfort & healing from the outside - in! The properties of our natural ingredients get absorbed through the skin, making these remedies highly effective.  

Research shows bathing with natural herbs invigorate the body and calm the mind while offering healing properties that posses a pleasant aroma.  

Everyone Needs Me Time



"You must first take care of yourself so that you can take care of others."

We believe that by using our naturally beautiful products the earth has already given us, we can help everyone reconnect with their own beauty and self worth. The benefits of taking a little me time are extremely essential. By utilizing time alone and taking care of yourself you increase your emotional and mental well being. It further provides clarity so you are able to get more accomplished. By taking care of you, it inhances your self esteem creating more self confidence.


We all can benefit from moments of reflection and clarity. It helps us remember how blessed we are and how much we truly appreciate our spouse, child, & close ones. 

"Did we just become best friends?" -K

... "YEP!" -T