Our Rose & Hibiscus Serum


Our Serum is an extravagant serum for your skin. We infuse Rose & Hibiscus herbs into Jojoba oil. We also add a little Rose essential oil for extra benefits.

Our Serum creation is perfect for your face, cuticles, dry hands and feet. We are also happy to say this oil can even help heal Cesarean incisions/scars. With the fabulous properties in this little bottle you can expect it to help with skin redness, discoloration, creating youthful skin, boost collagen production, acne & moisturizing.


How to use our Facial Serum


Our recommendation for ultimate results:

Simply apply & massage 2-4 DROPS onto your clean / dry face in the morning prior to your makeup and in the evening before bed.

This Serum is also gentle enough to use for removing your eye make and Matte/Stain lipgloss!!