Our Herbal Salt Baths


Our combination of Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, essential oils and herbs form an overall body experience. Soaking in our Salt Baths help your body inside and out.

This product can help relieve muscle pain and stiffness, detox the body, ease overall body stress and discomfort. Our herbal salt baths can also increase your bodies health by absorbing mineral properties &  providing aromatherapy!

Our Salt Baths cleanse your skin by removing dirt and toxins while retaining moisture & minerals for healthier looking skin. Not only do women love and benefit from this product, but so do MEN!

Our salt baths


Pour 1/3 of the Salt Bath jar into your running hot bath. For the best results let mix and steep for approximately 10 minutes or until your water has reached an ideal temperature. Soak for 20+ minutes. 

    If life allows, soak longer for ultimate benefits. 

 Rinse off if needed.


Simply fill with warm/hot water, a large bucket or bowl to fit both feet. Pour your desired amount of Herbal Salt into your water. Soak and enjoy 25+ minutes! The longer you are able to soak, the more beneficial it is.


Epsom Salt

Himalayan Salt

Essential Oil

Loose Herbs