Our Tea Bath



Herbal Baths have been popular among MEN & WOMEN for centuries. We learn from history that taking herbal baths was very common among the Romans and Greeks. They took herbal baths not only for the therapeutic properties, but also for their usefulness in enhancing natural beauty. 

Herbal baths can calm down our anxieties, relieve stress & induce relaxation.  The active properties in the herbs that we have in our remedies are directly absorbed by our skin, providing internal and external health benefits.

Our Herbal Tea Bath product is an aroma and herb remedy that leaves your skin and psyche feeling fabulous while helping maintain your overall health. 


How to use our Herbal Tea Baths


Adult Use

Place one Herbal Remedy sachet and oil infused Salt* into warm-hot running bath water. Let steep approximately 20 minutes. When your bath water is at an ideal temperature, soak in the herbal properties for about 25 minutes.

If life allows, soak longer for ultimate benefits.

*You may use the entire bag of salt or save half for the next Herbal Tea Bath.

Lullaby Infant Tea Bath

Place one Infant Tea Bath sachet in a cup of hot water and cover to steep for 20+ minutes. 

Pour the entire cup of the Tea Bath into the infant's tubby when it as reached an ideal temperature.

Let your Sweet Angel soak in all the benefits!


2 Herbal Tea Bath sachets, 1 bag of oil infused Salt

Infant Tea Bath

4 smaller Herb sachets