Our Sitz Baths & Padsicles

This is a therapeutic remedy that uses natural herb properties to promote healing while providing pain relief. Our Loose Herbs are created to cater toward specific ailments women may encounter. 

 Our combination of chosen herbs were selected because of their great benefits that include: anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & soothing properties. The collection of herbs in our products help to fight off infection which in turn, can help the body heal faster.

Our Loose Herb Remedies can help "Your Lady Parts" feel better! 

 Some problems our products can help with include: tenderness from infections, STD outbreaks, yeast infections, post vaginal birth or when she just doesn't feel good.

Enjoy the healing remedy!

How to make and use our Sitz Baths & Padsicles


 * Shake well to mix all herbs. *

   A) Padsicles 

1) Pour half jar of well mixed herbs into 8 cups water. Bring to a boil for a few seconds, cover and steep for 30-45 minutes. 

2) Strain all herbs from herbal tea. 

3)When tea is cool, ladle enough of the remedy onto your pad to saturate (approximately 1/3+ cup). 

4)Place in freezer. 

***When needed, place a prepared padsicle in your panty for cooling relief and faster healing.***

We recommend using these PADS with our Padsicles Product.


B) Sitz Bath  

Refer to steps one & two above. 

 1) After you are left with the cool strained herbal tea, you may pour approximately 2 cups of remedy straight into your warm bath water. 

2) Soak as long as possible for maximum benefits.

You will need just enough bath water to reach your pelvis, as this remedy is specifically for your "Lady Parts".

STORAGE: We recommend refrigerating and using the Herbal Tea you just made for no more than 2 days.  You may also store any unused remedy in the freezer for faster access when needed again. Simply put approximately 2 cups (or the the amount you prefer) into a small freezer bag. When needed place the frozen Tea Remedy in your bath!