Ultimate relaxation for a mom. Love the Rose bath salt. TOTAL RELAXATION & my skin feels amazing after. 

- Kayleigh O.

 Quincy, IL


My work consists of me always being on my feet. My lifestyle and puppies keep me active as well. Between the full household of males, the only time I get alone is the shower. Having a product made for me by women, makes my me time extra special. I chose to keep my female products as natural as possible, so knowing what goes into these products and understanding the labels are a huge plus. 

- Casey L.

Salem, OR


I've had frequent & severe out-breaks caused by genital herpes. I had tried everything & nothing worked. Even the medication didn't work for me & along with the extreme pain I felt alone. Loose Herbs 'Out-break' sitz & padsicle worked wonders helping me be comfortable & shortened my out-break time. I highly recommend this product.